The school – The manager – The team

«The Grec Moderne (Modern Greek) School is a private school whose objective is to teach and promote the greek language.  Our aim is to diffuse our mother tongue to all who love Greece such that our students will be motivated to learn the language.  That is the key to communicating with the country’s inhabitants and both cultural and personal exchange.

Who we are ?

“Grec Moderne” (Modern Greek) is a PRIVATE school that uses several methods to teach modern Greek to private individuals or professionnals.

The school is an independant firm that does not depend on any state institution and that is NOT linked to any Greek community in Belgium or abroad.

Our aim and our ambition are to give you a rich and entertaining teaching of our native language -Modern Greek – but also to teach you, through the language, some elements of greek culture and civilization.

Our philosophy is to give you a high quality teaching corresponding to your expectations and motivation and to meet your passion and your love of Greece.

The director and founder

Aris Karatzas :

  • Teacher for particular courses (face-to-face or videoconference)
  • Teacher and supervisor for group courses
  • Manager of the website and Facebook page
  • Manager for the proposed services
  • Teacher and supervisor of the language courses in Greece
  • Born in Thessaloniki, 1st of August 1976.  Lives in Belgium since 1980
  • Historian, Master in Philosophy and Literature, History.  University of Liege, Graduated in 1999.
  • Specialized in Byzantine History
  • Founder of Grec Moderne in 2008.  Native speaker, perfectly bilingual Greek, French
Photo du fondateur de l'école Grec Moderne