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Classes to learn modern greek

Do you want to learn Modern Greek ? 

Discover our course options for optimal learning.  Individual classes for adults and children, group classes, discussion tables.

Our language summer schools in Greece

Would you like to participate in one of our Summer Schools ?

Our language Summer Schools on the Halkidiki Peninsula (at Sithonia) will help you to progress in Greek.  Our Summer Schools will be back very soon, offering more destinations from 2021.

Our Class Options

Do you love Greece ? Are you of greek origin but no longer practice the language ? Do you own a greek holiday home or go there frequently for vacation or work ? Whether for a trip or for ever, come learn modern greek through one of our “A la carte” course options.

Private Classes

The classic formula of individual classes is designed for those of you who wish to learn greek at your own pace, at times that suit you best.  Flexible hours combined with a dynamic method.

Group classes

Begin your learning of modern greek in a group class of quality, a virtual classroom setting according to a pre-defined schedule.  This course offers a great opportunity for interaction with the teacher and the other participants.  Follow these classes by videoconference from wherever you are.

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Aris Karatzas

Director and Founder

Photo du fondateur de l'école Grec Moderne

The Grec Moderne (Modern Greek) School is a private school whose objective is to teach and promote the greek language.  Our aim is to diffuse our mother tongue to all who love Greece such that our students will be motivated to learn the language.  That is the key to communicating with the country’s inhabitants and both cultural and personal exchange.


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