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Greek Language School

Do you love Greece ? Are you of greek origin but no longer practice the language ?
Do you own a greek holiday home or stay frequently in Greece ? For a stay or forever.

Discover our course options to learn Modern Greek

The language is integrated into the civilisation and the secular culture of the country.  Greeks love to hear their language spoken ; your welcome will be even warmer in a country where hospitality comes so naturally.  You will certainly find a course formula adapted to your needs.  Whether it be a private class, a group class, a session by videoconference, we certainly have a solution to suit you.

Our teaching method is lively, dynamic and fun.  Your teacher will work to teach you the language, which is so rich, in the most enjoyable way possible.  He will teach you not only the basics and the linguistic tools, but also the soul of the language, his way to use it daily.  The key to success is, above all, your own motivation.

To learn the greek language, you need to love Greece, it’s culture, traditions and civilisation.  In a word, you must feel at home there.

Discover the available options, choose the course that suits you best in relation to your available time, your objectives and your budget.

And if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for… contact us to discuss your needs.


(A play on words meaning : he who perseveres learns greek)

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Private classes by videoconference

The classic formula of individual classes is designed for those of you who wish to learn greek at your own pace, at times that suit you best.  Flexible hours combined with a dynamic method.

Group classes

Begin your learning of modern greek in a group class of quality, a virtual classroom setting according to a pre-defined schedule.  This course offers a great opportunity for interaction with the teacher and the other participants.  Follow these classes by videoconference from wherever you are.